We where do I start,

It’s been a whirlwind of research and knowledge and just living day by day and honestly everyday is a new day with new challenges and super proud moment.

That’s one thing, we as parents have learnt so much from a 3 year old that we never ever ever though we would.

So back to what this blog is all about,

A week or so ago I did a “How much do you know about Autism” Poll/Survey just to see what people think with regards to the topic and oh it’s a topic that you sometime want to avoid as when it’s come to the opinions and theories there is not much solid proof.

So here some results to the questions and a little bit of blab on what I think and feel.

1.Do you know someone with Autism?

62% said yes, which is kind of scary as say 10 years ago it was hardly heard of… or can I say less spoken about.

2. If yes, what gender ?

80 % of the vote were male. With all the research and now this poll it’s is more common in males than females.

I also believe and this is just my opinion that ADHD is more common in boys as they are more busier and behave differently to girls so I think a lot of boy get put on the spectrum because of the ADHD aspect.

3. Are you a parent of an Autism child?

7% said yes, welcome to the club 😘

4. Do you think Vaccinations cause Autism?

9% have said yes, and there is loads are research and facts about both arguments.

But I will have to be a full blog topic in the coming weeks of all my findings.

I do feel that they may be a factor that cause Autism but I’m am a pro vacc mom. Honestly I would rather vaccinate and be at risk of Autism than not vaccinate and have my child die of a disease.

  • 9% feel vaccination are bad
  • • 6% don’t vaccinate their children 

5. Do you think cesarean cause Autism?

1% have said yes, and again there are no proven fact that It actually does. I had an emergency cesarean. But I also know of a mother that has had natural birth and her child has ASD. #NoProof

6. Do you think low folic acid when pregnant causes Autism?

2% have said yes, and the reason that I asked this question is that I have seen many articles that state that it does. I’m calling BS on this one as I took Folic Acid tablets daily while pregnant and Preg Omega which had folic acid in… so if anything I have more than enough or over did the folic acid.

7. What is the most common medication given to people diagnosed with Autism?

51% said Antipsychotic and that is correct but Antidepressants are also given in some cases when older.

8. Do you think Therapy in children is needed?

Amazed by this poll, as there was 12% that still said no and I was hoping for 100% of people been on board for Therapies. But all to their own opinion. Or maybe it just a case of when you in the situation you may realize the benefits.

9. In relation to a Sensory Diet, is it… Activities or Food

It’s Activities, and 49% said Food. Will definitely do a full blog on this topic and the activities.

10. Do you think your child has special needs and is not diagnosed?

10% said Yes to this question. Thank You for your honesty and the fear of a diagnosis can be terrifying and life change. But my advice to you is better know the diagnosis early than wait and have more hard work to put in at a later stage. It’s will always be a long, hard journey but you have to Start!

11. What prevents you from getting a professional opinion?

26% said the fear of diagnosis, agreed this is a scary thing and for us I shock as I would never have though Bentley was Autistic. I was going to a professional to rule out small remedial needs but BOOM if felt like a bus hit me…. but look I’m surviving.

74% said the cost, and this i would understand and comprehend more if you are not on medical aid or just a hospital plan. But sorry moms and I may have a few haters after this but is there a cost you would put on your child for a better life when a medical savings or medical aid pay.

  • • we are on Discovery Coastal Saver and yes it came out our savings so we had to pay upfront and then claim back but it’s one appointment at approximately R800 to R1500 ours was R1050 last year but all dependent on Doctor.
  • • Once diagnose Discovery give you 3 free Neurologist appoints a year so we have been twice after original consultation and haven’t paid.

12. Would you medicate if recommended?

18% said No, I will hold all thoughts and comments on this one.

13. Do you know if your medical aid covers therapy.

36% said yes, something to ask or investigate. Most medical aids it comes out of your saving but if there is a diagnosis and doctors provide a needed motivational Medical Aid will provide you with a number of therapies a year.

Which head into the next question…

14. Do you know what PMB benefits are?

This is where benefits that are not generally cover fall under and are provided for when required and motivated for.

15. Do children with Autism feel emotion?

2% said No, and you very wrong. They do feel emotion they sometime don’t know how to process it. PS. Bentley cry’s, loves, has fears and those are some of many emotions.

So to wrap this long and informative blog that some have started read and closed down their browser, those that have stuck it through it’s appreciated and hopefully helped with a little more understanding.

To those that have recently joined the club I’m here is you have any questions or just need to vent. Day can be tough but always remember so are you.


Delz aka Bentley’s Mom

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