Hey, You! Yes, you reading this blog post.

Firstly, Hello and welcome, Secondly you not alone. This journey is hard, parenting in general in hard but fighting the daily battle of what to expect from the very unexpected is tough.

Yes, we are super positive and live a positive life, but don’t get me wrong we have our hard days and our sad and emotional day, trust me yesterday was another one of them.

When Bentley was Diagnosed with ADS “Autism Spectrum Disorder” and then shortly after Epilepsy it was like the world stopped turned and all life was sucked out of me so i know the feeling and honestly, I can say the same for Nick “Dad” yet he didn’t voice or show his emotions.

8 months later and yes, we have accepted this journey and acceptance is the start, it doesn’t change that along this road there won’t be hard time…. Trust me they happen frequently and some feel like a massive blow or even a re-diagnosis at time. 

Something we will have to learn to accept with great progress there will be a few small setbacks, don’t let it get you down and yes one small thing can feel like the world is closing in on you but it’s not. I as a mother on the journey to realize that this is going to be a LIFE journey and that there will be set back and those set back as much as they feel like another bus has just taken you out, its hasn’t… yesterday we had that bus “hurdle”, today we still woke to the same amazing little boy we have always had. We just have a list of to-dos.

And speaking to a friend that is fast becoming a very dear person in our lives “You know who you are” these buses won’t stop coming, we will just learn to handle them better. One day not every hurdle will break us, we are fast becoming a voice and there will become less time where we sit and think to ourselves how do we become the voice he needs and protect him because honestly we are already.

So on bad days, find the light and the joy as there is so much to celebrate. And on the good and super brilliant days crack open that champagne or that slab of chocolate and sit back and remember where you have come from and the amazing changes in life that you have accomplished.

Always remember that you are doing everything you know how to and when those little hurdles arrive you will learn how to handle them and move forward. Always remember that life is not easy, but it is so darn worth it.


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