“What made us decide to do Occupational Therapy and is it helping?”

It was recommended for his sensory issues and fears. I would recommend it for any child with sensory issues as it has been a game changer for us. His vocabulary has even improved with OT.


“Are all the Therapies expensive? Do Medical Aid pay?”

2018 we haven’t submitted any Therapy bills through Medical Aid. But Discovery has something call a PNB Benefit where you get some free Therapies. Which we signing up for in 2019 and yes on tough months we will submit through Medical aid so it comes out our savings.

Side Note: Just doing Speech and Occupational Therapy once a week for a month cost +- R3000.00

– Anonymous

“What made you suspect something was wrong with Bentley?”

He had speech delays so we had already been going speech therapy for a year. The Speechie had recommended that we see a Paediatric Neurologist as she knew about us having sleep issues ‘night terrors, lack of sleep’ with Bentley.


“Are you going to have another child?”

Hopefully, Yes


“What Fears does Bentley have?”

Bentley has many fears, from heights to unstable movement of his head so all motion mostly.


“Will Bentley be medicated for the rest of his life?”

This is the unknown, Children with Epilepsy can outgrow it “Holding Thumbs” but from the research, I have done we are looking at at least two years of medication. But it is a different journey for anyone in this situation so we will wait and see.

– Anonymous